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Water heaters come in two types when it comes to fuel or energy sources: gas and electricity. Both choices come with their sets of pros and cons — something homeowners and business owners should consider when installing a new heater or replacing their current unit.

In terms of local utility costs, gas-powered water heaters are more affordable than electric water heaters. But based if you’re looking for a more long-term option, your Tempe, AZ home or business may benefit more from an electric water heater.

Tempe Water Heater Pros breaks down the pros and cons of an electric water heater so you can make an informed decision before you buy a unit. We also offer electric water heater services such as installations, repairs, and replacements.

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Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

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More Affordable

An electric water heater is the most affordable option when it comes to the upfront price. Also, unlike their gas-powered counterparts, electric heaters do not require additional in-home infrastructure. Since you don’t need more piping or a ventilation system, you’ll save more money and enjoy a simpler and easier installation process.

Your home or commercial establishment may need an electrical upgrade, which can add to your total costing. These upgrades, however, aren’t always necessary.

Zero Water Waste

Safe Heating

Both gas and electric-powered water heaters are safe for homes and commercial establishments. But with any appliance depending on gasoline, gas water heaters are prone to leaks, especially if their fuel sources are natural gas and propane. Fortunately, you can reduce your risk for leaks by conducting regular maintenance on your gas water heater.

On the other hand, gas leaks aren’t a problem with electric water heaters. So, your chance of experiencing a leak is very low.

Water heater explosion risk


Nearly all homes and commercial establishments are tied to electrical grids, which means everyone has a ready source of electricity (unless the power grid is down). Any home or any business can effectively and safely electric water heater.

With a gas water heater, you must make sure that your home has a steady propane supply source or is connected to a natural gas line. If you’re not up for making these upgrades, it’s best to stick with an electric water heater.

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Drawbacks of Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heater Replacement in Tempe

Power Outages

In case the electricity goes down due to a storm or any natural catastrophes, you won’t have access to hot water. The same applies if you forget to pay your bills. Electric water heaters solely depend on electricity so if you lose electricity, you can’t use your heater.

Hot water on demand

Heating Time

Electric gas heaters take more time to warm up compared to gas heaters. The latter’s gasoline combustion process produces heat faster compared to electric-powered heaters. Also, electric heaters have a lower recovery rate, which is the amount of water the heater can heat to a set temperature within a given time.

Water Heater Energy Source Tempe

Operating Costs

Electric water heaters are more efficient than gas-powered ones. However, you might spend less money overall if you heat your water with a gas-powered unit. The cost of the fuel source makes a big difference. Natural gas is more affordable compared to the cost of electricity.


There are two types of electric water heaters: storage and tankless. Storage water heaters continuously add hot water to their tanks when necessary. These water heaters also provide a larger flow rate. On the other hand, tankless waters don’t store hot water, which makes them an ideal solution for homeowners and business owners who prefer to change the temperature of their water. Tankless models are also ideal in places that don’t have access to gas lines.

Whether you choose the tankless or storage model, the process is the same. When you turn on your faucet, dishwasher, or shower, electric current flows through the wires, powering the heating element inside of your heater. The electrical current generates an electromagnetic field, which also generates heat. The electricity flows through the heating element and heats the water inside the tank.

Compared to gas-powered water heaters, electric water heaters are more energy-efficient. These are also quicker at providing hot water since they need not wait for the ignition of the pilot light.

If you want to learn more about electric water heaters, get in touch with the Tempe Water Heater Pros today.





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