Tempe Water Heater Installation

Affordable Water Heater Installation in Tempe

Water Heater Installation in Downtown Tempe

There’s nothing worse than your water heater breaking down just as you’re about to do the dishes or take a shower. On the other side of the spectrum, if your Tempe, AZ business depends heavily on hot water, a broken water heater is NEVER an option.

Whether you need to replace a faulty water heater or you’re thinking of installing a new one for your business, the Tempe Water Heater Pros are at your service. From residential places in Paradise Valley to commercial places like Papago Park, our local plumbers have serviced a variety of clients.

We understand you might want to DIY the installation to lower the cost. But some risks come with installing a water heater by yourself. Instead of worrying about the risks and potential injuries, let us do the job for you.

Our years of experience in serving both residential and commercial clients guarantee the quality of our service. With us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your unit is in good hands.

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Commercial-Grade New Water Heater Installation

A new water heater is a big commitment for both Tempe, AZ homeowners and business owners. If properly maintained, these units can provide a steady stream of hot water for a decade (or more!).

So, when it comes to the selection and installation of your new water heater, trust the Tempe Water Pros to do the job for you. Our Tempe plumbers are ready to help you explore your options, as well as install a heater that suits your budget and needs.

Trust our team to assist you with the following:

  • Selection of water heater unit
  • Electric water heater installation
  • Gas water heater installation
  • Tankless water heater installation

Our top-rated and affordable installation services in Tempe, AZ is very thorough. We don’t apply a one-size-fits-all solution to our projects. Instead, we customize our services according to your water heater needs and budget. Before we install your heater, we go through the following:

  • Your residential or commercial property’s primary energy source (electric or gas). If you have both, we will recommend which source will benefit you.
  • Your hot water requirements based on the number of people present in your home or business at any time.
  • The dimension of the space you wish to install the water heater.
  • Your budget in comparison to your hot water needs, preferred space, and available energy sources.

During the consultation, we’ll walk you through these questions to easily narrow down your selection of water heaters.

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Gas Water Heater Installation Tempe, AZ

Gas Water Heater Installation

Gas water heaters are popular among Tempe residents and business owners due to their affordability and accessibility (as long as you have a gas source, you’re good to go). This water heater is ideal for homes or businesses that require large volumes of heated water at a time.

Electric Water Heater Replacement in Tempe

Electric Water Heater Installation

If you have a stable source of electricity, go for an electric water heater. These units are perfect for home or business owners who want to save energy. Since it has 95 percent efficiency ratings, it will save you costs in the long run. Plus, it’s good for Mother Nature!

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Tankless Water Heater Installation Tempe, AZ

Tankless Water Heater Installation

If big electric or gas water heaters are not an option, tankless water heaters are here to save the day. This water heater option is ideal for smaller spaces like condominium units or apartments. They also have a longer lifespan compared to other water heater types.

Commercial Water Heater Installation Tempe, AZ

Commercial Water Heater Installation

Commercial businesses come with different water heater needs. Most of them require a big industrial water heater! Fortunately, Tempe Water Heater Pros has the experience and manpower to handle bigger commercial projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Water Heater Service Questions We Hear

What type of water heater do you need?

There are different types of water heaters in the market. The common types of heaters include tankless, conventional, indirect, solar, and tankless coil. Each type comes with its set of pros and cons.

To determine the type of water heater you need, consider the following factors: your available fuel source, budget, hot water requirements, and available space for the water heater. If you need more help, our Tempe Water Heater pros can narrow down your selection.

How long does installation take?

A certified plumber can remove your old water heater and install a new unit within three hours. The three-hour time frame is under normal circumstances, aka a service free from unprecedented issues.

Our contractors take your time seriously and we understand that a broken water heater is a big disrupter of schedules. For this reason, we try our best to install your new water heater as quickly as possible.



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